"Amerika" was the fourth project with the Jugendtheaterwerkstatt Spandau under the direction of Manuel and Pommerehn. The JTW is a nonprofessional ensemble consisting of persons from all walks of life and age. The JTW has a prestigious reputation as one of the best amateur theater companies in Germany. Amerika also performed at the Theater an der Parkaue for five performances.


Gewitzt und ironisierend bedienen sich Carlos Manuel, Fred Pommerehn (Bühne) und Elke von Silvers (Kostüm) dabei ungeniert und mit klassischem Theaterwerkzeug jeglicher Klischees, die Amerika bereits hervorbrachte.…

Carlos Manuel, Fred Pommerehn (set) and Elke von Silvers (costumes) apply wit and irony, without inhibition and with the classical tools of theater, to all the clichés that America has produced.

taz, 19. 1. 2009

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